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Our life spa is a secret sanctuary for your senses. Nestled in lush tropical landscape overlooking the sea.  This serene enclave offers peace and tranquility, with only the sounds of light cooling tropical breeze in the trees and the gentle evocative melody of water dancing down the natural streams and waterfalls that weave their way through the spa's beautiful gardens.


The essence of our Life Spa is to help our guests achieve a perfect natural balance in themselves so that they enjoy both the process of wellness and the result from our use of natural products combined with ancient and modern therapeutic techniques.


Our treatment methods and philosophy is based upon natural botanical herbs and aromatherapy combined with elements such as meditative relaxation incorporating both traditional and new signature techniques.


Our experienced therapists are specially trained to combine the use of natural products with proven methodology to ensure that all guests experience many benefits from the art of holistic healing that create a euphoric sense of well being.

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